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November 2017 Issue
See our complete selection of R series CCL R1 keyway cabinet locks.

September 2017 Issue
See our new N Series L20V heavy duty latch lock. Now in stock.

June 2017 Issue
See current product information: November 2016 full line catalog, June 1, 2017 price list,  and new Training Series videos.

December 2016 Issue
Olympus Lock offers a range of cabinet locks for use in health care settings such as medical carts, hospital casework, medication cabinets, nurses stations, MRI rooms and employee lockers.

October 2016 Issue
Introducing Olympus Lock exclusive new stock keyed alike codes now available on N Series item numbers: 100DR, 200DW, DCN and T37. The new codes are available on US26D finish items only.

August 2016 Issue
Olympus Lock introduces our detailed new video training series. Access all of our training series videos on our website video library or visit our YouTube channel.

March 2016 Issue
Olympus Lock introduces extended bolt for 200DW/200M (N Series) and 600DW/600M (R Series) drawer locks.

January 2016 Issue
Olympus Lock offers a wide variety of optional cams for use with our DCN/DCR/B7 Series pin-tumbler cam locks.

October 2015 Issue
See our Mountain Series value priced brass padlocks available keyed alike or keyed different and our CRB200 Series brass padlocks that accept Corbin/Russwin interchangeable core cylinders.

September 2015 Issue
Heavy duty L72V latch lock with 3/8" latch projection accepts Best-style interchangeable core cylinders.

July 2015 Issue
Olympus Lock announces availability of our June 2015 full line product catalog.

June 2015 Issue
Olympus Lock offers a variety of cabinet locks for use in medical carts, medication cabinets, MRI rooms, nurses stations and employee lockers.

April 2015 Issue
See our new SFIC direct drive cam lock. Retrifits BEST 1E7D4. Includes screw on cam with solid machined brass body.

November 2014 Issue
See our wide range of plastic spacers specifically designed for flush mounting cabinet lock with face of cabinet.

October 2014 Issue
See our T37 easily-rekeyable T-bolt lock for metal bank drawers.

August 2014 Issue
Our DCN Series pin tumbler cam locks are loaded with features.

July 2014 Issue
The popular Olympus 725 Series provides options for almost any SFIC cabinet door or drawer application.

June 2014 Issue
See all of our newest items at ALOA 2014 - Booth #525.

May 2014 Issue
Cabinet lock bodies for Schlage full-size interchangeable core. Choose from 777/888 series door and drawer deadbolt locks, 920 cam lock, L92V latch lock or 929R showcase/ratchet lock.

April 2014 Issue
DCP500 Series: Padlockable Cam Lock with Fingerpull. This cam lock uses a padlock as the locking device. Ideal for locker applications where users supply their own padlocks. Optional straight or offset cams available for a wide range of applications.

March 2014 Issue
721 Series: Our most versatile SFIC cabinet lock body. Deadbolt cabinet door/drawer lock. Field reversible between door/drawer funciton. Grade 1 for Best-style 6 or 7 pin SFIC cylinders. Four finishes available: US26D, US26, US3, US10B. Also available with optional key-retaining functionality.

February 2014 Issue
New from Olympus Lock: B7 Series cam lock now available in BEST B Keyway. Other keyways currently available include A, E, F, G, J, K, L and R .

January 2014 Issue
New from Olympus Lock: New 3-1/2" extended bolt for 100DR, 100M or 500DR, 500M series cabinet door locks. Available separately or factory installed.

November 2013 Issue
New from Olympus Lock:  Non-ferrous (non-magnetic) locks for MRI applications. Contains all non-magnetic parts/components.

October 2013 Issue
New from Olympus Lock: B7 Series cam lock now available in "R" keyway with "B" keyway coming soon.
TRB7 spacer collars available in three sizes for use with B7 cam locks.

September 2013 Issue
New from Olympus Lock: ME93: Cam lock for Medeco large format interchangeable core. DCP-US26D: DCP now available in US26D finish. New: Olympus is now on YouTube.

August 2013 Issue
New from Olympus Lock: CL-MP-118 double-D metal punch for 1-1/8" diameter cam locks. L72V: latch lock for small format interchangeable core.

July 2013 Issue
Olympus Lock offers a wide variety of cabinet locks in US10B (613) Finish.

April 2013 Issue
See our line of cabinet door, drawer and cam locks for Corbin/Russwin  interchangeable core.

March 2013 Issue
Now available! See our new L92V drawer latch lock for Schlage full-size interchangeable core.

February 2013 Issue
Now available! See our new TRB7 spacer collars for use with our B7 series cam locks. Available in three sizes, 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2".

January 2013 Issue
See our complete line of banking industry locks for both metal and wood bank fixtures.

December 2012 Issue
Olympus has been manufacturing small format interchangeable core cabinet lock bodies for more than 20 years. See our full line.

November 2012 Issue
See what great user-friendly features are available on our poplular DCN and DCR series cam locks.

October 2012 Issue
Did you know that our most popular 100/200/500/600 series locks are available with key-retaining. functionality?

September 2012 Issue
See our complete line of commercial keyway cam locks for the following cylinders: SFIC (Best, Arrow, Falcon or equivalent), Schlage full-size/large format IC, Sargent 6300 or Degree IC, Corbin/Russwin IC, or with Schlage C key-in-knob or equivalent type cylinders.

July 2012 Issue
See us at ALOA booth #347 in Las Vegas. Come by and see all of our newest items.

June 2012 Issue
NEW! Olympus June 2012 Catalog is now available. Includes all of our newest items. Replaces January 2008 catalog. Send us an email today to request a copy.

April 2012 Issue
NEW! CR25LM/DM Cam Lock accepts Corbin/Russwin original interchangeable core cylinders.  This is the only cam/cabinet lock available for Corbin/Russwin IC. The CR25LM/DM is now in stock and ready for shipment. See also our CR1125 Series deadbolt and latch locks for Corbin/Russwin IC.

March 2012 Issue
NEW! SA54LM/DM Cam Lock accepts Sargent original interchangeable core cylinders.  This is the only cam/cabinet lock available for Sargent IC. The SA54LM/DM is now in stock and ready for shipment.

January 2012 Issue
NEW 1-3/8" barrel length options! We now offer our 721DR/DW and our 725RD/RL (DW-VH) with 1-3/8" barrel length. These new 1-3/8" locks are now in stock and ready for shipment.

November 2011 Issue
NEW! T54C T-Knob Cylinder Replacement Kit in stock now. The new T54C replaces the original CompX/National T-knob pin tumbler cylinder so you don't have to replace the entire T-Knob. The cylinder is compatible with CompX/National C8154/C8155 T-knob locks and is all brass construction for increased durability.

October 2011 Issue
NEW! 724VR SFIC file cabinet/medical cart locks in stock now. Our Schlage-style less cylinder locks accept ILCO #1599 replacement cylinders. NEW! WP725 plastic spacers now in stock. ETS series through-bolt mounting plates make your installation more secure.

Printed Newsletters

February 2010 Issue
B7 Series, Best keyway cam lock, 829R / 829R-LC Ratchet lock for Schlage-style key-in-knob cylinders, 12-4-ZP frameless drawer strike, B Series solid brass SFIC cam lock, FC10 file cabinet lock for HON, Current literature

July 2009 Issue
329R/429R sliding glass showcase lock, 929R Schlage full-size IC core ratchet lock,  FC10 file cabinet lock for HON, key-retaining function - 100/200/500/600/700/800, DCP padlockable cam lock latch, current literature

July 2008 Issue
T37 T-Bolt Lock (Now Available), T37 accessory items, 329/429 ratchet lock, plastic spacers, current literature

October 2007 Issue
T37 T-Bolt Lock, 931 Medeco/Yale cabinet lock features, 729R ratchet lock features, small pin plastic spacers, notable projects, Olympus Lock available display boards

May 2007 Issue
Medeco/Yale cabinet lock, new adjustable strap for 729R (SFIC ratchet lock), Olympus key-retaining locks, US10B finish now being stocked on many items

December 2006 Issue
Olympus Lock hosts NWLA and ILA meetings, Olympus Lock posters now available, 777/888 Schlage LFIC locks, notable projects, our family of Internal spacers

July 2006 Issue
New Olympus catalog and Price list now available, our commitment to quick shipping, 729R SFIC ratchet lock, ETS Series cabinet pulls

March 2006 Issue
How to order Olympus cabinet locks, custom keying services, rekeying the Olympus 820SC cam lock, 725 Series SFIC cabinet locks

September 2005 Issue
Pin tumbler vs. disc tumbler, custom keying services, Olympus family of large-pin cam locks

March 2005 Issue
New location, new products

September 2004 Issue
DCN/DCR Cam Lock Features, DCN/DCR New accessories

February 2004 Issue
Reinforcing trim spacer accessories, 100/200 National keyway small pin tumbler cabinet locks, customer surveys

June 2004 Issue
777/888 Schlage large format interchangeable core locks and accessories, available custom plating service